Challenge During Coronavirus (COVID-19)?

The year of 2019 & 2020 are the tough years for all countries. Initially Coronavirus (COVID-19) was found in Wuhan, Hubei Province, China in Jan, 2020. But it gets spread to other cities in China rapidly. Coronavirus (COVID-19) was already found in more than 80000 globally in 79 countries including Asia 28 countries, Europe 35 countries, North America 4 Countries,Africa 6 countries and other 6 Countries.

What will be the Challenge During Coronavirus (COVID-19)?

As our understanding, the challenge for each country’s government to  make rules or laws to control Coronavirus (COVID-19) avoiding more people get affected in a short time. Secondly, the big shortage of medical items and hospital equipment, doctors to protect and treat people from all industrial and career. Response of different countries are different, so the reaction and preparing job are different as well .

For example, China as a country already pass the most tough 2 months with more than 1.3 billion people. Coronavirus (COVID-19) gave China what kind of lessons and Challenges?

Improved the China ability to deal with public events in this period of mobile society. Everybody knows Chinese Spring Festival there is a lot of Chinese going to move from cities back to their hometown, how to deal with such big movable people to protect them is a big challenges.

It has demonstrated to the international community the China superior organizational capacity and control over the society and the epidemic.

There are great opportunities for the development of innovative pharmaceutical enterprises. Because while Coronavirus (COVID-19)  happened, new R&D for treatment medicine is become urgent and important.

During Coronavirus (COVID-19), People realized opportunities in the e-commerce industry & on-line shopping.

New information technology like AI, Biometric, Facial recognition, Contactless biometric recognition technology will be more widely used  to reduce the chance of people contact each other in close distance  when Coronavirus (COVID-19) happen.

Public benefit volunteer need more professional organizers. People who work as a volunteer during Coronavirus (COVID-19) shall be able to contribute themselves to society. For example, Shenzhen Herofun Bio-Tech Co.,Ltd, under the guidance of Fuhai Party branch, has involved into many donation exercise during Coronavirus (COVID-19) Period, try to make its small contribution.